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About the School

The Principal’s Message

Welcome to St Catherine High School. I hope you will find our staff warm, caring and responsive to your needs.


The policies and information contained in this student handbook are an effort to create guidelines relating to school life. This information has been prepared in order to clarify rules as they apply to high school students so that it will help you as a student to adjust to our school and become an intricate part of it.


The development and acceptance of responsibilities and commitment to good citizenship will help you to be successful in school and the world of tomorrow. We hope that you will participate in our varied activities and thus find those things within our school that will prepare you to live a better life and finally take your place in this complex society. Remember that your success in school will be directly proportional to your effort. Treat yourself and others with respect. Treat your property and the property of others with respect.


Our purpose is to ensure that St. Catherine High School will assist the student and provide a variety of educational experiences that will prepare each student to meet with a successful future. The development of the student is the center of our thinking and all of our endeavors; the student’s welfare is our central purpose for “building a foundation for success” remembering always that prayer and work conquer all.



Marlon Campbell (Mr.)

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of St. Catherine High School is:

To develop the spiritual, social, academic, technical,
and physical potential of each student by providing and supervising competent staff and by creating and establishing the necessary

infrastructure and environment in which this

development can be sustained.

Vision Statement

The Vision of St. Catherine High School is:

To impart Christian values, attitudes and principles to enable pupils to be

well-rounded individuals and so become agents of change in

their community and country.
To dramatically increase and expand all pupils’ basic skills in

Mathematics, English and Science.
To improve all pupils’ academic performance in the core subjects.
To develop digital-age learning skills by using creative, self-paced, interactive, inventive methodology to support traditional classroom instructions.
To develop in all pupils an appreciation of the Fine and Performing Arts.
To assist pupils to acquire the necessary attitudes and skills to enable them to adjust to changes in the society of which he or she is a part


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