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SCHS Celebrates Jamaica Day 2024

Written by: Oraine Mattis

In 2011, the Governor General of Jamaica - Sir Patrick Allen - proclaimed that Jamaica Day be celebrated annually on the last Friday of February, This year, on February 23, 2024, we observed Jamaica Day under the theme “Celebrating Jamaica: Authentic and Unique…A Fi Wi TREND A Dweet” as an opportunity for our school and the wider community to come together and showcase the diversity and individuality that make us special and here at St. Catherine High school it was no different where we took the entire day to reflect on our past. Our celebrations started with a spirit-filled and engaging devotion that our teachers held after which we transitioned into a concert organized by the performing arts department. This featured items such as a festival Song, dances, speeches, Drumming and live performances from SCHS Band both present and past members. A new segment however was added to SCHS Jamaica Day lineup in the form of a pageant that showcases our past and how it shaped us to be who we are today. After all those items that reminded us of our cultural background one thing that was around us was food. Our teachers and staff went all out to prepare meals such as Manish Water, Jerk Chicken, Saltfish Flitters, Ackee & Saltfish, Reggae Pasta and many more.

Photo Credit: Mr. L. Patterson

As the time was ticking students were eager for the afternoon portion of Jamaica Day which was put on by the Responsible Arts Creativity Tour. This featured past students, Taze and Wayshae along with other social media influencers, Conyie, Nathan, Monae Lauren, Daindra Harrison, Jazz, and her high flames crew that came with engaging discussions, amazing performances, fun competitions along with prizes and surprises. When asked about this initiative founder of the Responsible Arts Creativity Tour, Javier Davis "Jahviiee" said "Visual and performing arts is not really appreciated that much and I've always wanted to be part of the change which will show how important the arts is. Students, especially males nowadays, are turning from the path of the arts because of the stigmas that are attached." He went on to encourage students that "it is okay to be creative all while earning a profit. It is not just a dream, but a path that can help us in our social lives." He ended by saying, "This school tour is designed to be both entertaining and informative as this will serve as the primary vehicle to convey this message.

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