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Graduation 2024

Today we celebrate our graduands under the theme:

" Journey to Excellence

Graduating to New Heights"

On behalf of all staff members, we want to say a healthy congratulations to them all. We know that the journey to this stage was challenging, however, we are cognizant of the innate and infinite potential that each of you hold and we know that this class of 2024, will achieve innumerable greatness.

Special thanks to all teachers who would have been patient and dedicated in their craft. You are the Stalwart pilars of this excellent institution. Thank you.

Last but not least, Congratulations must also be extended to the parents who have toils tirelesslessly on their journey to excellence. We appreciate you. Continue to support them as they climb to higher heights. Give them all you have and watch as they shine and break generational barriers.

For parents who might have lost the program, here is a keepsake below.

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