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"Journey to Excellence: Graduating to New Heights." SCHS Graduation 2024

Written by: Oraine Mattis

Graduation is a special event that marks the end of high school and the beginning of new adventures. On Thursday, June 27, 2024, St. Catherine High School celebrated this milestone on the school grounds with the theme "Journey to Excellence: Graduating to New Heights." Despite the rain, the graduates, their families, and the school community gathered under a large tent to celebrate this significant achievement.

The ceremony began with opening remarks from our moderator, Dr. Neva Campbell, followed by the raising of the flag, a devotional exercise, an opening hymn, a Scripture reading, a prayer, and a salutatory address. Miss Sharon Dale, JP, the school chairman, opened the event with a warm welcome and inspired the graduates with a reminder: "As you embark on your new and exciting journey, always remember to be true to yourself, be humble, be respectful, be ambitious, be generous... Be YOU. Be grateful for everything, big or small, as GRATITUDE in everything is a MUST. Be open-minded and think outside the box. Success never takes the same path for everyone. Remember to keep the friendship with your classmates as they will become your support and cheerleaders in life. Never forget your school motto...Prayer and Work Conquer All. Love and best wishes always."

Dr. Andrew O. Wheatly, Member of Parliament for South Central St. Catherine, highlighted the graduates' potential to positively impact society. Rev. Robert McHugh, President of the Parent-Teachers Association (PTA), and Miss Kerry Ann White, President of the Alumni Association and a member of the Class of '78, along with representatives from the Class of '89, also shared their insights, emphasizing the strong support network that the graduates have.

Principal Mr. Marlon Campbell delivered a heartfelt speech focused on the theme of "HOPE." He encouraged the graduates to never give up on their dreams, no matter how difficult the journey might be. "You must never give up on your dreams, no matter how challenging the path may be. By staying focused and determined, you can overcome any obstacles that come your way and achieve success," he said.

The guest speaker, Miss Rochelle Cameron, an attorney at law and the Founder & CEO of Prescient Consulting Service, delivered an empowering speech. She encouraged the graduates to keep smiling, keep pushing through challenges, and strive to be successful members of society.

The highlight of the ceremony was the Presentation of Graduates. Each student walked across the stage to receive their certificates, marking the end of their high school journey. Valedictorian Martin Williams from 11^8 gave a moving speech that took the audience through their journey from the first day at St. Catherine High to the present. He spoke about their growth, challenges, and triumphs, leaving everyone feeling hopeful and happy about the time spent

Following the valedictory address, there was a Graduates' Prayer and the Class of 2024 Graduation Song, reflecting on their shared experiences and dreams. The ceremony also featured several awards recognizing outstanding achievements. Martin Williams received the Principal's Award for his academic excellence and leadership. Kitania Headly, Head Girl, received the Chairman's Award for her exemplary conduct and service. The Class of '78 and '89 also presented numerous awards, celebrating the diverse talents and accomplishments of the graduates.

As the ceremony concluded, the graduates marched out after singing the school song, symbolizing the end of one chapter and the start of another. The rain, which had initially seemed like a challenge, became a memorable part of the day, cooling the air and adding a unique touch to the celebration.

Being a part of the graduating class of 2024 as a super senior, this ceremony was especially meaningful to me. It was not just a celebration of our academic success, but also a reaffirmation of the values and community spirit that St. Catherine High School instills in its students. The words of encouragement and the honors we received will inspire us as we begin the next stage of our lives, equipped with the knowledge, values, and support to reach new heights.

The graduation ceremony at St. Catherine High School was a day of looking back on our achievements and looking forward to the future. It reminded us of the importance of perseverance, community, and gratitude—values that will guide us as we navigate the next stages of our lives. Despite the rain, the resilience and unity of the Class of 2024 made our graduation day unforgettable.

I'm Oraine Mattis signing out with my last news article for St. Catherine High School News, Goodbye.

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