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Mercedes wins SCHS Sports Day 2024 with 449 Points

Written by: Oraine Mattis

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Sports Day is defined as "an occasion on which the pupils of a school compete in various races and athletic events." At SCHS teachers and students have been preparing themselves for the big day on February 28, 2024, where the final set of races will take place along with the famous cheerleading competitions. The day began with devotion to ask for God's guidance and protection. Later on, each house showcases its best cheer which took close to 2 hours to complete all the houses. At the end of all the presentations, the judges met and the results were ready to be shared.

In first place, Orleans (Blue House) came out victorious in being the Cheerleading Champions for this year 2024 followed by Pascal (Green), Goreti (Purple), Lourdes (Red), Avilla (Yellow), Mercedes (Orange).

The day continued with track events in which each house participated. According to sport analysis, "Sports days in schools promote physical fitness, teamwork, and social skills. They foster confidence, healthy competition, and school spirit. Through participation, students develop athletic skills, learn sportsmanship, and build a sense of belonging within the school community, contributing to holistic personal development. "

After a day of fun and hard work, Mercedes was the winner of sports day 2024 with 449 points. This was followed by Gorrett with 443 points, Avilah 377 points, Orleans 363 points, Paschal 328 points and in last position, Lourdes 261 points.


Photo Credit: Oraine Mattis


Photo Highlights of the Cheer Competition.