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SCHS Acting Sixth Form Supervisor provides Breakfast for Sixth Form Students

Written by: Oraine Mattis

On September 19, 2023, sixth-form students at St. Catherine High School arrived only to see a kettle with Hot Water, a Peppermint Tea Bag, Sugar, Hot Cups, and Wheat Crackers on a table on their block. St. Catherine High School sixth-form Students were happy to see breakfast available. When asked about this initiative, we get to understand that this was all Mr. St-John’s Idea. SCHS News caught up with him and asked what inspired him to develop this idea. “In all honesty, I saw it to be a case where sometimes people come in the morning, had their heads on the desk, want to buy cup soup or something and I realized that maybe, just maybe, a little breakfast would help”. Mr. St-John told our news team that there was a breakfast program in the past but it was discontinued. The cause of this is unknown at this time. However, with a great breakfast that all sixth formers can benefit from, this has been supportive as students have donated to this initiative which has allowed this breakfast program to be still active.

Sixth Form Students benefiting from the breakfast program provided by Acting 6th Form Supervisor Mr. St-John

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