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St. Catherine High School Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Written By: Oraine Mattis

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is observed in October each year in countries worldwide to increase attention and support for the awareness, early detection, and treatment of this disease. Each year, about 1.38 million new cases and 458,000 deaths from breast cancer. It is the most common cancer in women anywhere in the world.

On October 20, 2023, The Guidance & Counseling Department of St. Catherine High hosted Breast Cancer Awareness Day. At the start of our devotion, we were given a brief history of what is breast cancer. Breast cancer awareness is crucial because it promotes early detection, saving lives through timely intervention. It educates people about risk factors, symptoms, and screening methods, empowering individuals to take control of their health. Increased awareness also drives funding for research, leading to advancements in prevention and treatment. To speak to us about Breast Cancer was our guest speaker, Pastor Frank from Power of Faith International Ministries. Pastor Frank was happy for the opportunity to speak with us and to give us some more insight into why it is important to be aware of breast cancer. He was there to remind us that "No one should face Breast Cancer Alone" and also provided us with a few tips.

Tips for victims.

  1. Persons should share their feelings.

  2. Be specific in reaching out to others for support

Tips for those who take care of a victim

  1. Communicate with your loved ones. Share your feelings when your loved one wants to talk and Learn to listen

  2. Respect their decisions because they are the ones facing cancer treatment.

  3. Ask how you can help with medical matters. Do they want assistance with booking their appointments? Offer to take responsibility for practical needs and remember they are vulnerable.

  4. Give your love one a test for emotional ups and down.

  5. Help your love one feel good

  6. Talk to them about what they are going through

Pastor Frank closed his message with prayer, praying that God will bless and heal persons who are on Breast Cancer treatment and those who care for them. Our moderator thanked our Guest speaker for gracing us with his presence then our Head Girl gave the Vote of Thanks and our devotion came to an end.

In solidarity with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our teachers and staff members wore something that was pink while sixth formers were allowed to wear a pink shirt over their uniforms. Pins were on sale and we had a wonderful day. The Guidance & Counseling Department is Grateful to all who joined Breast Cancer Awareness Day, spreading knowledge, support, and hope. Your efforts made a significant impact.

See pictures below highlighting our day.

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