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Grade 10

English A
English B
Natural Systems/Physical Geography
Religious Education

Watch video and make notes on the rites of passage ceremonies for the religions.

Religious Education
Principles of business

NB. All students of Mrs DaCosta-Walker should contact her via email or Whatsapp regarding the registration code for the online graded class activities.

Principles of Business
Information Technology

Follow the steps and create your Motor Vehicle Registration Database. 

NB. All students of Mrs DaCosta-Walker should contact her via email or Whatsapp regarding the registration code for the online graded class activities.

Information Technology
Physical Education
Week 3

Buenos dias 
This week we are continuing with school and career for day 1: el uniforme 
Cómo es el uniforme escolar?
                 1. Describe your school uniform 
                 2. Express their opinions about their uniform

                 3.Compare their school with another.

Complete the following activities: 
Read the passage 'el uniforme ' then answer the questions beneath.
A practicar page 61 in que hay

Actividad and repaso ought to be completed for assignment.

Using the second passage, answer the following questions in English.
1. Where were the students?
2. Why is the principal talking to Luis?
3. What did He decide to do?
What was Luisa's response?
4. Do you think that Luis like her school uniform? Give reasons for your answer
5. How does Luis feel about the uniform at San Fernando's school?
6. What is happening in the shopping center?
7.what do people think about school uniform based on the passage. Mention 4 different views

Theatre Arts – Option 2 Dance
  1. Watch the videos in the link and write a detailed summary on each video. 

  2. Answer the following questions on the cultural folk form presented in the videos.

  1. ​What is Landship?

  2. In what year did this cultural form originate?

  3. Which Caribbean territory is this cultural form found?

  4. Who is responsible for the starting of this cultural form?

  5. What is consider the “Engine” of the Landship, and state the role of this “Engine”

  6. Which type of insurance was offered to the members of the Landship for its members and their families.

  7. Landship catered to which two socio economic class structures.

  8. What are the components of the Landship parade?


Read the following handouts and make notes on the Caribbean cultural form Landship. Pay attention to pages 18- 20 in your syllabus when making notes.

Convenience Foods
Hygiene in Food Preparation
Rechauffe' Cookery
Brain Teaser (Nutrition)
Food Nutrition & Health
Social sTUDIES
  1. Read the notes and complete the activities below.

Social Studies

Read the notes and complete the following activities.

Layout and Organization of Typical 18th Century Sugar Plantation

Observe the diagram showing the layout and organization of a typical sugar Plantation in the 18th century and answer the questions below:


Automotive Technology
Building Technology
Building Technology
Electrical Technology
Electrical Technology
Mechanical Technology
Mechanical Technology
Technical Drawing (TD)
Family Resource and Management

Money Management

Management of money is a process that involves the planned use of monetary resources. 

It includes:  spending   saving investment

Principles of Money Management

1. Organise  you finances

2. Spend less than you  earn.

3. Save for emergencies and future expenses.

4. Limit debt

Guidelines for Spending Money wisely

1. Make a shopping list

2. Do comparison shopping

3. Make and stick budget

4. Make use of   sales where applicable.


Functions of Money

1. As a medium of exchange

2. As a measure of   standard value

3. As store of value or wealth

4. A determinant of class in the society


Means by which Money is Earned

1. For work done

2. By inheritance

3. As interest on investments and savings.


Gift Merchandising



1. After Covid-19 Jamaica will face an economic down turn.

 Outline FOUR ways in which you can help your family to spend money wisely.

2. During the pandemic of Covid-19 some people are no longer earning an income, which result in great Financial difficulties. It can be argued that they did not practice  good money management skills.


Base on what you have learnt that money management includes saving and investment, not only spending. Explain the importance of saving.

3. Use your textbook “ certificate Management” to research the functions of money.

Do a pictorial ( use of pictures/ illustration only) showing the FOUR functions of money.

Family Resource and Management
Clothing and Textiles

Study the following stain removal chart in order to complete the following assignment:Students are required to place ink and bubble gum on an old white T-shirt and use the stain removal technique provided to remove the stains.


Take a before and after picture of the shirt  that is shirt with the gum and ink on it then shirt after gum and ink stains have been removed. Students should also do a short video demonstration of the stain removal process.


This is to be sent to WhatsApp group. This activity will be added to your portfolio, so neatly cut off the area of shirt  used and keep in a safe place as this will be placed in your portfolio upon your return to school. 

Stain Removal Chart

Care and Maintenance of Textile Products

Clothing and Textiles

Dear students,

As you might have heard, CSEC will be using SBA and paper 1 for exam.

Listed in the syllabus is a copy of what the paper 1 would be like at the end

TEXT & SYB\CSEC Physics Syllabus with Specimen Papers and Mark

We have covered the syllabus, please review materials on MAGNETISM

One student has not turned in their lab book some did not check all labs.

Students know who they are. The score are being entered as final grade
You have all worked hard and very proud of you all’

Any questions,
876 363 7334,

I will also continue to post information on this school site

Family and Consumer Management

Download and complete the activity sheet


Family and Consumer Management
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